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Episode 25


In Today’s episode, Carla shares the stories of her three pregnancies and births. At 21 years of age, Carla had a benign tumour removed from her ovary and she was told at the time she had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). The doctor informed her at this time that she would likely have difficulty conceiving. This turned out to be the case, as it took Carla three years of trying to fall pregnant with her first child. Carla worked with a fertility specialist out of Epworth Freemasons Hospital and tried a number of techniques such as weight loss, diet changes and then moved on to taking Clomid. After trying with Clomid for several months and having no success, Carla’s husband was deployed in the Army to the Solomon Islands and she took a full 6 months of taking any medications and had a complete break. When he returned she had one dose of Clomid and conceived Cate.

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Image by Katrina Ferguson

Carla shares how she loved her first pregnancy. She had wanted to be a mother all her life and she already knew that she wanted to have her child through the local caseload midwifery program near her house.

Carla went into labour naturally at home with Kate. She lost her mucus plug and then 2hours later her waters went. After labouring at home with her husband and sister for support, Carla made her way into the birth center in the evening when the contractions ramped up. On arrival, she was checked and shocked to find out she was fully effaced. After only 12 minutes of pushing Cate was delivered onto a mat while Carla was on all fours. Carla’s husband announced that they had a little girl and Carla was certain she was carrying a boy so she questioned this and after a nurse double checked they were thrilled to welcome little Cate into the world.

To hear more about Carla’s recovery and the births of her other two children tune into the podcast.

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