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Episode 224

Ellesse Hawkins

In today’s episode, I interview Ellesse who shares the birth of her son Bowie. Ellesse is a pilates instructor who runs her own business at Fleur Wellbeing Pilates Studio. The Covid lockdown started just as Ellesse discovered she was pregnant. She found this a blessing initially as she suffered from intense morning sickness and working from home allowed her to be sick and rest in between Zoom pilates classes. At her 20 week scan, Ellesse discovered she had placenta previa, her placenta was completely covering her cervix. This diagnosis meant that she had to stop doing all forms of exercise which was very challenging as a very active person. It also impacted her work as she couldn’t demonstrate in her classes. It was at this time that Ellesse started to mentally prepare for a caesarean birth. To find out how things unfolded for Ellesse tune into this week’s episode.

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Topics Discussed

Placenta previa, Pilates instructor, Private obstetrician, Emergency caesarean

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