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Episode 161

Simone Haag

In today’s episode, I interview Simone Haag. Simone shares her six pregnancies and three births. Sadly Simone’s first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and she went on to fall pregnant soon after. She asked around and decided to book in with a private Obstetrician her friend had seen working out of the Epworth. During her third trimester, they discovered that Simone’s little girl was in the breech position. Her Obgyn explained that she was not comfortable performing a breech delivery and if she was unable to get her to turn then Simone would need to have a casarean. Despite seeing an acupuncturist and trying a multitude of recommended techniques, she didn’t turn and Simone had a planned caesarean. To hear how Simone went on to have two more babies delivered vaginally as VBACs tune into this weeks episode.

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Image by Liane Burke

Topics Discussed

VBAC at 42 weeks, Second VBAC with shared care, Breech, Three births, Midwifery care

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