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Episode 153


On today’s show I interview Mel and she shares the birth of her little girl Navy. After being together for seven years and shortly after they got married, Mel and  her wife Yasmin decided they wanted to have a baby and they been to explored some possible options for conceiving. As they were a same sex couple there were a few different paths they could explore. While Yasmin wanted to have children, she wasn’t particularly interested in actually carrying a baby, whilst Mel really wanted to carry a baby. So they decided to go down the path of partner IVF. Partner IVF involved Yasmin’s eggs being collected, a third party donor being selected for fertilisation and Mel then carrying their baby. During the IVF process Yasmin developed hyperstimulation syndrome and became quite unwell. To hear how Mel and Yasmine took Hypnobirthing Australia course through Belly2Birth with Shari Lyon and how their birth unfolded, tune into this week’s episode.

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Topics Discussed

Partner IVF, Emergency caesarean, Same sex couple

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