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Episode 144


In today’s episode, I interview Bianca Aiono. Bianca has been an elite athlete since she was a teenager and has always had irregular cycles. When she and her husband decided to start trying, they thought it might take a little while, and after two years they sought some assistance from a specialist. After having intrauterine insemination (IUI), Bianca conceived her first son Maverick. When Bianca began trying for a second, she discussed the possibility of having multiples with her doctor due to the follicle-stimulating hormones she was taking. While she knew this was a possibility she never actually thought she would conceive triplets. Bianca shares openly the discussions she had with her doctors about the risks of multiples. The doctor gave her the option of selectively reducing, and she shares how she was sure she couldn’t intervene in this way. She and her husband were happy to see how the babies progressed on their own. The triplets tracked along very well, and Bianca delivered them vaginally. To hear the details tune into this week’s episode.

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Triplets delivered vaginally

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