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Episode 125

Teresa Palmer

In today’s episode, I interview Teresa Palmer about her third pregnancy and birth of her little girl Poet. If you would like to hear Teresa’s first and second births of Forest and Bodhi head over to Episode 65. 

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Image by Gemma Pranita

Teresa is a self-proclaimed serial pregnancy test taker, and she took several tests daily to confirm her pregnancy from a few days after conception. During the early stages of her pregnancy, Teresa discovered that her 12-week blood results showed that she had antibodies present. Her husband is a carrier of the Duffy Y gene which her body was making antibodies towards. A side effect is that the baby can become more anemic.  To hear more about Teresa’s story tune into this week’s show.

Image: Gemma Pranita


Topics Discussed

Cervical lip, Duffy Y gene, Family entered birth, Private midwife, Vaginal Delivery, Water Birth

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