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Episode 112


In today’s episode,  I interview Sam about her two pregnancies and births. Sam went through the public health care system under the care of her mother, who was a midwife working at the Mater Hospital for her first pregnancy. At 38 weeks one of her midwives questioned whether the baby was in a breech position. Sam had a quick scan in the hospital to check and they confirmed they believed the baby was head down. The next day Sam’s waters had broken. 

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During Sam’s labour they discovered there was meconium in the waters and her baby was in fact breech. Sam was waiting around half an hour as the operating rooms were being used so they couldn’t do a caesarean. They then decided she could deliver vaginally. Very sadly Jack was born still and they were unable to revive him.

When Sam was due to have her second baby she decided she wanted an elective maternal assisted caesarean. To hear how Sam advocated for herself and got the maternal assisted birth she wanted with her daughter, tune into this weeks episode.

Topics Discussed

Stillborn breech delivery, Maternal-Assisted Caesarean, Two births

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