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Episode 65


In this week’s episode, I interview Teresa Palmer. Teresa and Mark tried for about 5 months to conceive their first child and were unsuccessful. Teresa then found out that she ovulates later in her cycle that she had thought. With this knowledge in hand, she was able to fall pregnant the following month.

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Teresa felt her pregnancy with Bodhi Rain was pretty uneventful. She had wanted to be a mother her whole life and so to be pregnant was the most exciting thing she had ever navigated. She loved every moment of it. She felt very well with minimal pregnancy symptoms. She found out her baby’s gender at her 11-week scan.

She had planned to have a home birth in America. She had witnessed a home birth of one of her best friends when she was 11 weeks and she ended up hiring the same midwife she had seen navigate a very challenging birth. She read all of Ina May Gaskin’s books and watched her documentary.

Teresa and Mark got married when she was 6 weeks pregnant. At 36 weeks she started a hypnobirthing course. At 38+6 Teresa’s waters broke while she was in bed and they began to get really excited and called their midwife. The midwife said to rest and come in the morning. She went in at 11 am and it was confirmed that her waters had infant broken.

To hear more about Bodhi’s birth and Forrest’s tune into this week’s show.

Topics Discussed

Two vaginal deliveries, Retained placenta manual removal


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