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Episode 60

Kirstie Simpson

Kristy had been on the pill for 10 years and thought it might take her a little while to conceive. She came off the pill in December and fell pregnant quite quickly. Kristie is a very active gym goer and she found going to the gym each morning really helped with her early morning sickness. Kristie was keen to have a natural delivery and she booked into her local Family Birth Center which was associated with King Edward Hospital. Kristie undertook the She Births birth course online to help her prepare for her pregnancy and delivery. She did the course in conjunction with the Family Birth Center. Kristie is a Type A personality and felt confident to take the She Births course as it has been proven to reduce rates of Caesarean Section and birth intervention.

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At 32 weeks Kristie discovered that her baby was a frank breech presentation, bottom first instead of head first. Kristie was still very keen to avoid a caesarean section and looked into the possibility of a natural vaginal breech delivery.

To hear more about Kristie’s breech delivery tune into this weeks show.

Topics Discussed

Vaginal Breech Delivery Public Hospial, Hip sysplasia

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