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Episode 46

Alex Tabet

In today’s episode, I interview Alex Tabet. Alex conceived her first daughter quite easily by tracking her ovulation and listening carefully to her body. During her pregnancy, Alex went six days over due. She admits thinking “how hard could labour be?”  She woke at 330am with mild contractions

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She left for hospital at 930am when her contractions 3 minutes apart. She was calling everyone she new, was very vocal and felt less focused. Alex shares she felt like she resisted her contractions and didn’t work with her body in the way in which she did in her second labour.

To hear how Alex went on to conceive her second daughter 3 years later and how she attended Hypnobirthing classes and achieved a much calmer birth.

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Topics Discussed

Two natural deliveries, Hypnobirthing after a traumatic first birth

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