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Episode 118

Rachel March

In today’s episode, I interview Rachel March. Rachel shares the birth of her little boy and her twin girls. Falling pregnant at 21 Rachel admired she knew very little about pregnancy and birth she just knew she wanted to have a baby. None of her friend’s had had kids it was all very unknown. Rachel’s pregnancy was considered high risk due to the fact that she was born with a condition called Long QT syndrome. This condition affects Rachel’s heart and hearing. Rachel lost her job at 25 week due to unfair dismissal due to her pregnancy, a case she fought and won, however, it was a very stressful time. After having her little boy Rachel developed postnatal depression which she took medication for and saw a psychologist. To hear more about Rachel’s story tune into this weeks episode.

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Image by Alex Warden Photography

Topics Discussed

Two high risk pregnancies, Twins, Donor breast milk, PND

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