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Episode 88


In today’s episode I speak with Elle Rampling. At the age of 28, Elle was having issues with the contraception she was on and her doctor suggested she come off it. Elle and her husband were thinking it would take them six to twelve months to conceive with her history of endometriosis. They were incredibly fortunate to fall pregnant very quickly. 

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Elle joined the Midwifery Group Program out of Wollongong hospital. She was assigned her own midwife and an offsider incase her midwife was busy or sick on the day. The first sign Elle was pregnant was when she threw up in Bunnings from the strong smell of the wood. Elle was really sick throughout the whole pregnancy. She’d get up in the bank and run and throw up and come back out and serve her clients. She also suffered at 7 weeks and then again at 22 weeks with a  burst ovarian cyst. To hear more tune into this week’s show.

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