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Episode 48

Lisa Wipfli

In this weeks episode, I interview Lisa Wipfli. Lisa shares her pregnancy with Ted and her unexpected emergency caesarean. She then discusses falling pregnant some 7months later with her second little boy Jack and life with two under two.

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Lisa conceived Ted during her second month of trying to conceive and after watching many friends struggle to fall pregnant, she was incredibly grateful. Ted’s pregnancy went quite smoothly until the final weeks when Lisa began to feel very uncomfortable and she suffered pelvic and back pain. Lisa had weekly and sometimes twice weekly appointments with her Osteopath to assist with the discomfort. She went two weeks over her due date in the middle of summer and had gained approximately 22kgs so she was more than ready to be induced at 42 weeks.

To hear more about Lisa deliveries, her husbands GoPro and virtual reality filming of the births and lots more tune into this weeks episode.

Topics Discussed

Under two, Elective caesarean, Emergency caesarean

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