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Episode 148


In today’s episode of the show I interview Liz Lim. Liz shares her two vaginal deliveries which she planned to be as water births at the Belmont Birth Centre. Liz saw a team of midwives for her care through Belmont, however when she went into labour, the centre had been closed for asbestos removal. She was sent to the John Hunter hospital where she saw a team of midwives she had not met before. Liz found her first birth quite traumatic and she did quite a lot of self study to try and prepare herself for an intervention free second birth. To her complete surprise, her labour progressed very quickly and she ended up delivering her second son in the garage with the help of her husband. They were trying to get to the birth centre however they ran out of time. To hear more of Liz’s story tune into this weeks episode.

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Topics Discussed

Accidental home birth in garage en route to hospital, Two births

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