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Episode 116


 In today’s episode, I interview Kyree Harvey. Kyree tried for twelve months to conceive her first child. She believes stress play a major roll in her struggles to conceive coupled with the challenges of synchronizing her cycles with her husband’s FIFO roster. Kyree found her birth with Alaska very traumatic. She was induced and had an episiotomy that took many months to heal. Going into her second pregnancy Kyree knew she wanted to have a different experience and she sought out Hypnobirth Australia. Kyree connected with Renne from The Birth Space and she used the skills she learned to guide her through her birth. To hear more about Kyree’s pregnancies and births tune into this weeks show.

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Topics Discussed

Failed epidural, Vaginal Delivery After 3CT, Induction, Episiotomy


To find out more about Kyree Harvey and her blog Miss Kyree Loves head to :

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